Hello everybody and thanks for visiting this page!

I am Gabe, CTO at Deep Fried Games and lecturer at the Hunan University for arts and science in Changde, China.

I have been a fan of MUDs since I was young and I have played countless hours of D&D, now that I am able to code decently, I wanted to give a stab at this genre.


What is OpenMud?

OpenMud is my attempt to make a MUD sandbox that can be used to create a MUD in just a few minutes!

If this sounds too good to be true itís because it is, nobody can make their ad-hoc experience without the use of programming, but, with my tool, I hope to give a general purpose MUD sandbox to experiment with this fascinating genre.


Yeah, ok, but how does it work?

just make a PasteBin!

OpenMud is essentially just a set of operations that can be done on data, like travelling from one area to another, looking around, talking with other people, throwing dice and drawing cards.

These operations are all coordinated by a NodeJS server hosted on a platform called Heroku (I am not paid by them to say this but they are great for hobbyists as their services are free for small scale stuff), In there, users can join a world and start exploring, by simply going to the web address and typing their login information.

The MUD creator needs only to create a PasteBin with the world info inside it, using the structure found in the default world here:


Cool! then what?

Well, spread the word about your world!

OpenMud will do the rest of the job, just tell your friends to go to and login into your world!

To do that, they have to type login + the ID of your world + their chosen name.

The ID of your world is the ID of your PasteBin, for example, the default world can be accessed by typing:

login cWkvPXYK YourName

From there, typing help will display all the available commands.


Note that since OpenMud is trying to be a one size fits all kind of tool, a lot of specialized functionalities are not implemented, I am open to suggestions though, so feel free to message me on reddit at DeepFriedGabe! you can also find the trello roadmap here

If you feel like helping me out, feel free to make a donation to support development, any amount is appreciated :)